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Review your bill summary, active companies, current payment method on file, and recent transactions.

Accessing the Billing Summary

  1. Log in to the dashboard.
  2. Click or tap on Partner in the navigation menu, then select Billing.
  3. The Bill Summary page opens.
  4. Review the details below for more information about each section of the Bill Summary page.

Bill Summary

The Bill Summary displays the number of active licenses or application installs (Active Companies) associated with the partner and the number of paid apps (Paid Apps) to which the partner is subscribed. An estimated monthly subscription cost (Monthly Estimate) is also provided. This estimate is calculated by multiplying the subscription cost by the number of active licenses and adding the price of each paid app or module. 

( Subscription Cost X Number of Companies ) + ( Cost of Paid App X Number of Paid Apps ) = Current Monthly Estimate

The Monthly Estimate may not be the same as the bill total.

Active Companies

The total number of active companies (or licenses) associated with the partner. This number is the sum of all companies with the Active checkbox selected in the corresponding Company Details section of the Company Settings tab. Those companies without a check in the Active checkbox do not appear in this calculation nor do they appear in the detailed list of active companies as they are considered inactive companies. 

To view all active and inactive companies, click the Company drop-down on the side menu to display all companies that have been associated with the Partner. Select a company to view more details.

The number of paid apps (Best Price Now or Live Chat) to which the partner has subscribed. This number is the sum of each instance of a Paid App. Example: If an agency has 4 active clients and 1 client subscribes to Live Chat while another client subscribes to both, Live Chat and Best Price Now, the Paid Apps would display 3.

Monthly Estimate

The estimated monthly cost to access the platform, maintain each install, and provide additional services through paid apps. 

Subscription Pricing Tiers
Number of InstallsMonthly Subscription
Cost per Install
**Each subscription pricing tier
includes 1 free install or company.

Paid Applications
ApplicationMonthly Subscription Cost per Instance of Paid Application
Trade-In Analysis
(Best Price Now)
Live Chat$250
***Paid applications are billed
for each instance of the application.

Active Companies

The Active Companies section displays all active companies; the number of paid apps associated with each company; whether the company is free, live, or in proofing mode; and the monthly cost per company.


This column displays the name of all currently active companies regardless of the status of their apps. Companies are displayed in chronological order based on the date of creation. The free install or company will always appear at the top of the Active Company list and will be denoted by a green "Free Company" indicator. There is no monthly charge for this company to use the marketing platform and its suite of applications, except for those paid applications listed above.

The number of paid apps associated with a company is displayed below the name of the company. These applications are billed monthly and increase the monthly subscription cost.

Monthly Estimate

View a per company breakdown of the Bill Summary Monthly Estimate. The sum of each company's monthly subscription plus any additional paid apps. Apps are also billed on a monthly basis. View the Subscription Pricing Tiers table above for more information.

Payment Method

Add or update the partner payment method and details to approve and enable company applications. The payment method will be automatically billed for new installs and the monthly subscription.

Card Number

The marketing platform accepts American Express, MasterCard, and Visa cards originating from the United States of America (USA). Payment details are not stored within the marketing platform. Billing and the storage of payment method details are managed by a secure third-party vendor. Enter the card number with no dashes or spaces. Spaces will automatically be input.

Expiration Date

Enter the four-digit expiration date in MM/YY format. Example: November 2022 would be entered as 11/22.

Card Verification (CVC/CVV) Code or Value

Enter the three digits printed on the back of the card. This code is often placed next to the signature strip.

For American Express cards, this number is a four-digit code printed on the front of the card. The CVC or CVV is also known as the Card Security or Personal Security Code.

Billing Email

The email address to which invoices are sent.

Billing History

This section provides details regarding when your payment method is charged and for what amount.

Processing times vary between individual banking institutions. The date reflected on your banking statement may differ from the date displayed in the Billing History.

Date of Charge

The date a charge or invoice was created and billed to your account. 

Amount Charged

The amount charged on a specific date or for a specific invoice.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the partner or reseller billed?

Subscriptions for each company or install are charged at 2 separate times. The first charge occurs at the initial approval of the install. This charge is pro-rated from the date approved through the end of the billing cycle. The second and recurring charge occurs at the beginning of the first full billing cycle. This monthly recurring subscription fee includes charges for all active installs and paid apps. Subscription charges occur on a monthly basis. The monthly subscription begins on the date of the first approved install. Example: If the first (free) company was installed and approved on January 14, the monthly billing cycle would run from January 14 to February 14. If a second company was approved on January 22, the agency will be charged immediately for services from January 22 - February 14. On the next full billing cycle, February 14, the agency will be billed the entire amount for all active installs and paid applications.

Is the partner billed for the entire month upfront?

Yes. Subscriptions are billed for the entire month upfront based on the number of active companies and the number of paid applications installed. New installs are charged upon approval and billed a pro-rated amount based on the number of days remaining in the current billing cycle. Example: A new install is approved on January 22 but the current cycle is from January 14 - February 14. The new install would be immediately billed and charged for January 22 to February 14. The next billing cycle of February 14 through March 14, would include all active installs beginning February 14.

What is the partner's billing cycle?

The monthly subscription begins on the date of the first approved install. Example: If the first (free) company was installed and approved on January 14, the monthly billing cycle would run from January 14 to February 14. If the cycle begins on the 31st of a month and the next month only has 30 days, the charge will occur on the last day of the month. For instance, if the cycle renews on January 31, the next cycle will renew on February 28. 

Only a partial payment is displayed in the Billing History?

The initial install of a new company may appear as a partial payment or pro-rated charge if the company was installed and approved during a current billing cycle. Additionally, if a company cancels a paid application or the service entirely, a pro-rated credit for the unused time is applied to the agency's account. This credit is then applied toward any approved future install or paid application. Note: Monetary refunds are not provided.

A company displays the green "Free Company" indicator but the agency is still being billed?

There are many reasons why an agency may be billed when there is a "Free Company" indicator. The most common reasons are: a paid application is enabled, an Agency Access Fee is being charged, there is another active company or a previous balance on the account was unpaid.

*Waived monthly agency access fee of $99 and 30-day free trial for all new installs for a limited time. Offer is subject to change at any time and without notice. Contact. an account manager today!

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