Concession Manager™ Overview

Concession Manager™ Overview

Make them an offer they can’t refuse.
Deliver the right offer, to the right customer, at the right time.

Concession Manager lets leads and customers view available offers and promotions from any page of your website.

Offers, promotions, and notices can change at any moment. The Concession Manager module allows your team to add, remove, or change offers and information presented on your website with ease.

The module also allows your team to review previous promotions, view current offers, and create a promotion schedule. Use the start and end date fields to schedule promotions in advance. 

Create New Offer

To add or create a new, unique offer click the Create New Offer button. This will open the Add New page which allows you to input the details of your new offer.


Each unique offer is displayed in chronological order. The oldest or first offer created displays at the top of the list followed by subsequent offers. To help differentiate between each offer, the offer ID number, date of creation, and status (active or inactive) are displayed. For more information about what each offer provides, click on the offer to open the Offer Settings.

Create new offer if a previous offer needs to be edited as a customer may have claimed the offer prior to the edits or changes being made.

Offer Title: The primary offer title. This is not the same as the module label seen on the website. The Offer Title is displayed when the module is open and is often the second text a customer sees.

Offer ID: This number can be used to deliver customers to a specific offer or promotion. This can also be used to assist in tracking or reporting which offers drive more conversions if an external reporting system has been implemented. There is no internal tracking or reporting to differentiate between each offer or promotion.

Created Date: The date the offer or promotion was created. Not the date the offer was set live (active) on or removed (inactive) from the website.

Active: The offer or promotion is visible on the website.

Inactive: The offer is not visible on the website.

Copy (Duplicate): Create a new, unique offer with the same input values as a previous offer. Use this option to save time in creating new offers that are similar to previous offers.

Edit: Modify a current or previous offer if an error is found. 

Delete: Remove an offer from the list. Offers can only be deleted if they were not claimed by a customer. 

Deleting an offer also deletes the associated Email Template.

Accessing and Viewing Previous and Current Offers

  1. Log in to the platform.
  2. Scroll down to and click the Apps tab in the navigation menu, then click Concession Manager. 
  3. The Concession Manager page opens in the main window with all current and previous offers or promotions. 
    1. Title: Promotions and offers are displayed by the Offer Title. Offer titles are also displayed in Email Templates. Use a unique offer title for each offer to better determine which Email Template is associated with each unique offer.
    2. ID: Offer ID. If multiple offers are active, a modal or pop-up window can be configured to target a certain offer.
    3. Created: The date an offer was created.
    4. Active/Inactive Toggle: A green toggle indicates an active offer. An active offer can be claimed by a customer if the offer is visible on the company website. A white toggle indicates an inactive offer. These offers are not displayed on the company website and are not available for customers to claim. 
    5. Pencil Icon: Clicking this icon will open the offer details page if changes need to be made. 
    6. Trashcan Icon: Clicking this icon will delete the offer and remove it from the Offers section. A confirmation pop-up will be presented to confirm the action. Once deleted, this can not be undone. If the offer is available again, a new offer will need to be created.
    7. Create New Offer button: Clicking this button opens the Add New screen. On this screen, the new offer or promotion details will be entered. 

To override default CRM/ILM or other lead notification settings, click on the Override Lead Notification Settings toggle at the bottom of the offer details and settings page. Any leads generated through the specific offer will be sent to the associated contacts.

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