Customer Information Page

Customer Information Page

Be Prepared.

Dial-in on customer preferences and must-haves before they step foot in the door.

The Lead Details Page includes customer contact information, each customers' unique journey, any claimed offers or scheduled appointments. The Lead Details Page also includes customer responses to qualification questions and the transcript of any chat conversations. Review the information below to learn about each section of the Lead Details Page.

Customer Information

Find the customer's contact information in the Customer section. This includes the customer's name, email address, and phone number. Edit the customer's contact information by clicking the pencil icon.

Additional Information

Gain additional insight about who your customers are, such as what city they come from, whether or not they have opted-in to SMS messaging, the type of device they use, and how frequently they interact with the application on your website.

⚠  SMS opt-in consent is specific to the dashboard and the Twilio number in use by the company at the time that consent is provided. Consent can not be transferred between phone numbers or other messaging software and platforms.  ⚠

App Events

View offers your customer claimed and manage events or appointments requested. 

Best Price Now

Review the customer's vehicle details, estimated trade-in value, and the responses to the pre-defined questions configured within the module. The trade-in value is based on the low, medium, and high trade multipliers configured within the module.

Concession Manager™

The Concession Manager™ event displays the promotion and offer description claimed by the customer. If configured within the module, the duration of the promotion and the customer's answers to predefined questions will also be displayed. 

Schedule Genie™

The Schedule Genie™ event displays the date of any past appointment and allows the user to modify or cancel upcoming meetings. 

Chat Details

The Chat Comments display the chat transcript between the customer and the chat team. 

Deleted Due To CCPA

The following may appear if a customer has requested that their data be removed under the California Consumer Privacy Act.

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