External Leads

External Leads

Keep ALL leads up to date with your community!

With Lead Nurturing, companies can import external contacts that did not convert to leads via The Conversion Cloud to send blast emails. These leads are stored in the Advanced Search tab of the Lead Nurturing menu and do not interfere with any lead counts within the platform. 

Users must upload a CSV file. Other file types will not be accepted. 

To Upload External Leads

  1. Open the platform. 

  2. In the navigation menu, select the Lead Nurturing tab. In the submenu, select Import Contacts. 

  3. Click into the Drag-and-Drop field. 

  4. When the modal window opens asking the user to select their file to import, select and upload a CSV file with the external leads that includes the following information:

    1. First Name

    2. Last Name

    3. Email Address

    4. Phone Number

  5. If the data contains headers, select the “Data has headers” checkbox. If not, leave this checkbox unchecked. 

  6. Click the button to Choose Columns. 

  7. Drag-and-drop the columns to the correct location and select Import. For example, the Phone Number column needs to be dropped onto the Phone Number column. 

To Search for External Leads

  1. Open the platform. 

  2. In the navigation menu, select the Lead Nurturing tab. In the submenu, select Advanced Search. 

  3. In the Filter By Application box, select the Enabled toggle. When the options populate, select External Import and adjust the date range as needed. 

  4. Select the Search button at the bottom of the page. 

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