Lead Nurturing - Lead Segmentation

Lead Nurturing - Lead Segmentation

Lead generation is a crucial aspect of any business, but with the ever-increasing competition in almost every industry, it has become even more important to effectively target the right audience. Lead segmentation provides businesses with the means to identify and prioritize their best leads, resulting in a more successful lead-generation process.

With lead segmentation you can -
  1. Manage segmented customer lists
  2. Search for a specific set of leads from criteria that is currently not within TCC
    1. Export search results
    2. Save the search results as a segmented list
  3. Send one-time blasts
  4. Manage external leads
  5. Customers get more insight via reporting updates

Performing an Advanced Lead Search

From the TCC dashboard Navigation Menu

  •  Navigate to Lead Nurturing >> Advanced Search

  • Select the desired filters

    • Lead Date (date range)

    • App (SG, SL, etc), can be one, some or all

    • Filter By Prospect Questions
    • Not Already Added to Existing Segment
    • Has not opted out from SMS or e-mail marketing

  • Hit Apply Filter to run the report and receive results.

    • Results include includes a user’s name, lead type, date, contact info.  

    • Results can be saved to a segmented list. Results are appended and duplicates are removed.

    • Results can be exported as a CSV file.

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