Live Chat Settings

Live Chat Settings

Communicate directly with customers through Live Chat.

Never miss an opportunity to make a connection. Engage your customers directly.

The 24/7 live chat service ensures the company is always available to customers. Chat transcripts and lead details are delivered via email and CRM guest cards.


Add Live Chat

  1. Log in to the platform.
  2. Scroll down to and click the Apps tab in the navigation menu, then click Live Chat.
  3. The Live Chat page opens.
  4. Click the Create Live Chat Account button.
  5. The Live Chat settings page opens.
    1. Title: Call to action text displayed on the app and visible to customers.
    2. Schedule: A 24-hour live chat schedule will be created in Availability and assigned to the Live Chat app. Do not modify. This is implemented during creation.
    3. Account ID: Do not modify. This is implemented during creation.
    4. Website ID: Do not modify. This is implemented during creation.
    5. Chat ID: Do not modify. This is implemented during creation.
    6. Show Floating Invite: In addition to displaying as a module within the app, checking this box will add a floating Live Chat invite that floats across the website from left to right.
  6. Override company lead notification settings: Check this box to change where customer data is sent when compiled during Live Chat conversations.
    1. HTML Lead Notification Emails: Add email addresses that should receive customer data via HTML email.
    2. Reply-to Email: Type the address where customer replies are sent.
    3. Phone Number: The phone number that appear instead of the phone number in Company Settings. 
    4. CRM Configuration: Select the CRM where customer data is delivered.
  7. Click Save.

View Live Chat Transcripts and Lead Details

To view Live Chat transcripts and other lead details, locate the lead in the Leads Calendar or Leads List. Clicking on the lead record will display the Lead Details Page where the chat transcript and details can be found.
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