Schedule Genie™ Overview

Schedule Genie™ Overview

Provide customers with the ability to request or schedule an appointment or meeting at their convenience, 24 hours a day. 
The Schedule Genie™ module allows you to set an appointment location, type of appointment, predefined appointment lengths, the number of available appointments, the number of simultaneous appointments, the number of allowable appointments per day, and how soon or far in advance a customer can request an appointment. Set your module to reference an Availability schedule within the platform or sync it with your CRM calendar.*  The app references a selected Availability schedule to automatically calculate and create the daily available appointment time slots. 

*Not available for all CRMs. If the CRM calendar can not be retrieved or data is not available, the scheduling module will revert to the settings and rules configured within the platform.

In addition to creating schedule and appointment rules, you can create custom calls-to-action which entice customers to schedule an appointment. Gather more information about potential customers by including mandatory or optional questions.  Include a custom confirmation text message to confirm the customer's requested appointment date and time  or a personalized and branded   customer experience

The scheduling module will send notifications to the default email address and CRM configuration selected within your Company Settings. To override the default notification settings, turn on Override Lead Notification Settings to ensure the correct team members are notified of the new request. Teams can also sync a Google or Outlook calendar. 

Microsoft Exchange accounts and calendars are not supported.

After requesting an appointment, customers are automatically sent a confirmation email. To customize the confirmation email, see the Create & Modify App Email Templates article.
Turn on the Override Lead Notification Settings toggle to change the recipient(s) or CRM of any meetings or appointments requested through the Schedule Genie™ module. Leave the toggle turned off to use the default email and CRM settings to receive meetings and appointments.

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